Summer Security Do's & Dont's

Hi all! Summer is upon us. Memories of summer always conjure up happy memories for me. Summer still has a nostalgia of being more fun and carefree! Here are 3 ways to help avoid being a victim this summer and keep making happy memories.

  • Try not to post about summer vacations till it's over or close to it so people do not know you are away from your home for long periods of time.
  • Do not keep doors and windows open to cool home while you are not there.
  • Get a security alarm that notifies you right to your cell phone whenever the alarm is activated/ deactivated or goes into an alarm.

Unfortunately you can’t be too safe these days. The good news is security systems are even smarter/ more reliable and notify you at your cell phone if there is events you need to know about. Go on vacation with a little piece of mind this summer and keep making happy memories!