NSS understands the importance, even the very emotional nature, of selecting the best security system for your needs. After all, you will be relying on it to protect your most important assets and the people closest to you. Security alarms are the first line of defense between your home or business and the outside world. Arming your security system at the end of the day should make you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your property is protected – be it from intruders, thieves or other disturbances. Moreover, today’s integrated security systems do much more than simply safeguard against intrusion and property crime; they can also protect assets and property from fire, and even be used to communicate with your lights, locks, garage doors, and thermostats.

At Net Solutions...


Safeguarding any property often requires multiple layers of security. Access Control is a vital element in a multi-layered security approach for successful property management. Current access control technology eliminates the need for old-fashioned keys, offers more secure locking systems and enables tracking and scheduling entry and exit to a property.

Effective access control begins with proper design. NSS staff has experienced programmers and installers to design and implement secure access gates and doors. Our systems are accessible via smartphone or tablet, providing real-time functionality and improved security management efficiency. Give NSS a call today. Our experienced analysts and design professionals are ready to design the right system for you, your property, and...


For many of our clients, Video Surveillance plays an important role in providing a strong deterrent to crime against their home or business. The Net Solutions & Security staff has years for experience assessing client needs, property mapping, system design and installation. We’ve also designed systems for and installed an array of video surveillance products and tools over the years for a variety of customers.

Our process begins with a free, on-site consultation. We survey the client site to establish system requirements and to provide the foundation for a customized video surveillance deployment. Demos, maps, build specs, and a fair price budget are all part of an NSS system of proposals and design. We install leading edge surveillance technology that’s durable and...


Audio/Video considerations for the contemporary home are no longer limited to projection versus panel television or surround audio instead of sound bar. Such considerations remain an important part of entertainment technology decisions, but now the opportunity exists to wrap those entertainment elements into broader smart home technology design and implementation. Smart home technology products provide real solutions to everyday needs and improve quality of life. Controlling lighting, window shades, television, whole-house audio, security, and more offer the promise of making our often hectic lives a little bit easier to bear. Network Solutions and Security offers customized design and product solutions for home and commercial A/V entertainment systems, smart home technology systems,...


Running cable is labor intensive and sometimes tricky. Believe it or not, there are some folks out there who do not enjoy spending a lot of time on ladders and are not averse to sweating through their clothes in a dark and dirty attic or crawlspace – we often hire them. Custom cabling is the foundation of any property’s low voltage infrastructure, and best left to professionals. NSS staff have years of experience with structured cabling for new homes, cabling for data, television, phone, alarm and fiber. Our cable technicians terminate and test all cables and create a detailed map corresponding with the completed cable installation throughout the property.

Whether you want cable run through your home, office building or even underground cabling to remote parts of your property,...