Significant events are sure to happen throughout life; not everything that happens is good. One of the most catastrophic events that occur is fires. Fires can destroy property quickly and possibly lead to loss of life.

NSS recognizes the severity of these situations. As a security company, we understand the need to install monitored fire systems in your home or business. Smoke Detectors, carbon monoxide detection and heat sensors are among some of the products that help reduce your chances of being a victim of fire. NSS works closely with select fire companies to install fire...


Security hardware is an important part of protecting your home or business. As events happen that involve the security system, that system becomes the most essential tool in protecting you and your most valued assets. Security products are proven to be most reliable when routine maintenance is performed.

NSS has simple maintenance programs that help keep your security products in their best shape. NSS technicians will come to your location and clean each individual computer and piece of hardware. The tech will perform software and firmware upgrades to each and every product....


Video Surveillance can play a vital part in securing your property and helping manage day to day activities in your home or business. Camera systems these days are typically very clear, easy to use and can be accessed from your smart phone rather quickly. As time goes by, these systems are sometimes forgotten about while everyday life occurs. This becomes an issue if the equipment isn’t operational at the time of an incident.

This type of situation can be easily avoided with the help of NSS’s exclusive product – Video Health Monitoring. An NSS licensed professional will do...


According to an FBI report released in 2015, there were close to 330,000 burglaries nationwide resulting in almost 400 million dollars in losses. Security monitoring is the quickest and most effective way to keep peace of mind when you are not at your home or business.

NSS has low priced monitoring that works in conjunction with state of the art hardware to help protect your assets while you’re away. We also can include custom monitoring features such as two-way audio and video monitoring. This makes it extra challenging for unwanted visitors to violate your property....