Fire Monitoring 

Significant events are sure to happen throughout life; not everything that happens is good. One of the most catastrophic events that occur is fires. Fires can destroy property quickly and possibly lead to loss of life.

NSS recognizes the severity of these situations. As a security company, we understand the need to install monitored fire systems in your home or business. Smoke Detectors, carbon monoxide detection and heat sensors are among some of the products that help reduce your chances of being a victim of fire. NSS works closely with select fire companies to install fire prevention hardware custom to fit your needs. For convenience, we monitor both systems as one to avoid multiple bill pays to different companies.

If your business requires a commercial fire system or your home could be enhanced by additional fire equipment, contact NSS to get details on designing and installing the proper equipment. Allow us to monitor your fire protection needs and avoid fires from ruining your valuables.