Video Health Monitoring

Video Surveillance can play a vital part in securing your property and helping manage day to day activities in your home or business. Camera systems these days are typically very clear, easy to use and can be accessed from your smart phone rather quickly. As time goes by, these systems are sometimes forgotten about while everyday life occurs. This becomes an issue if the equipment isn’t operational at the time of an incident.

This type of situation can be easily avoided with the help of NSS’s exclusive product – Video Health Monitoring. An NSS licensed professional will do weekly checks as well as after major storms to be sure the system is powered up, still online and recording. After the check of the cameras and hard drive the customer will receive an email verifying the cameras work and the hard drive is functional. If there is an issue NSS will notify the customer so they can take appropriate action.

If you are a business owner that has a video system and you have little time to worry about the health of your cameras; let NSS take care of that for you. Contact NSS today for more details on our Video Health Check and never miss important video footage again!