Mary Williams, Technology Manager

As the technology manager for the Westbank Community Library, I was faced with the huge job of upgrading the systems and networks during a total renovation of the main library location. Another of my vendors referred me to Net Solutions and Security for data cabling, which then grew into many additional improvements over many months. Eric Jackson and Dominic Mastrangelo were amazing partners throughout this process. They introduced me to consider important pieces of infrastructure and this has helped me further develop my own strategic planning, budgeting, and disaster planning. I am amazed by how much their business can provide and their on-site techs are also friendly and professional. Construction projects are typically wrought with hiccups and delays, but I was able to happily brag that the guys I brought in to do my part of the project always delivered on time (sometimes faster) and they continued to accommodate little tweaks and changes, which earned them more fans among the library leadership team. For the renovation, we used N.S.S. for data cabling, PA system repair and installation, and security camera installation. In addition, they were able to upgrade and fix the security DVR at our second library location in a matter of minutes. As a woman in technology, I also appreciated both Eric's and Dominic's respect for me and my position as a librarian. These are people to whom I would say, I have never done this before and they always responded with helpful information, taught me new things I didn't know, and expressed incredible patience. Our library is thrilled with the results of the work we accomplished and as I watch our library members use the new technology in the new space, I think of how the infrastructure makes it all possible. Thank you, N.S.S.!

  • Westbank Community Library